India’s Big Government: The Intrusive State & How It’s Hurting Us

About the Book

In India’s Big Government, Vivek Kaul questions the apparently honest intentions under the garb of which the government approaches its policy-making and implementation.

Whether it’s infrastructure, primary education, agriculture, manufacturing and industry, banking, taxation, employment, labour or welfare, Kaul holds the mirror up to modern Indian governments ever since Independence.

And it’s not a pretty image to behold.

He delves deep and covers a lot of ground in making the case for an India that does not deserve the government that it has, an ambitious government with a questionable track record and one which Indians have quietly accepted till date.

But things may be reaching a tipping point now and Kaul convincingly makes the case that the government needs to totally reform itself before it leads India to disaster.India’s Big Government is a must read for anyone who has an interest in India’s and therefore their own, future.

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What people are saying

The writer has also demonstrated a remarkable ability to coalesce several wide-ranging themes about the political economy and cohere them into the single overarching argument. 
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